La Bouche was one of the Pop-Duos of the ''90''s : With their mega-hits "Sweet Dreams" and "Be My Lover", they kicked off into the top of the international charts. The duo was hailed by their fans and the press as phenomenal and reached the top-ten position world-wide, sold 5.2 million singles and albums and recieved gold and platinum records in numerous countries, including Germany and the U.S.A... Melanie Thorton began her solo career based on the huge success of La Bouche. With songs like "Love How You Love Me", she climbed to the top of the Geman charts. Last year, during the highlight of her career, she tragically lost her life in a plane crash. Upon request from her many fans, a compilation has been put together on one CD with the greatest hits from La Bouche and Melanie Thorton, as well as two previously unreleased La Bouche songs. The Crossair flight LX 3597 from Berlin Tegel airport crashed into a wood on its final approach to the airport near Zurich on Saturday evening at about 10.00 p.m. - While several passengers were able to escape out of the burning plane at the last moment most of them did not have the chance to save their lives - just like Melanie. "Filled with consternation we heard of that terrible tragedy and we still can not believe that Melanie is no longer with us. From 1994 until 1999 we signed Melanie Thornton as lead singer of the group LA BOUCHE. With songs like "Sweet Dreams", "Be My Lover" or "Falling In Love" Melanie and Lane Mc Cray made LA BOUCHE a world wide success. Her voice was unique! Our deepest sympathies are with her mother Dolores, her sister Lois and the whole family. We will hold them all close in our thoughts and our prayers She will remain in our hearts - we will never forget her!"

Frank Farian + Ingrid Segieth

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